CivicRisk Mutual – First Customer to Use Valo Entrance Extranet Solution


Leading cloud and managed services provider Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon) and CivicRisk Mutual have taken the first steps in a strategic partnership to radically transform and improve the way information is made available to their members over the next three years.

CivicRisk Mutual, a self-managed and self-funded risk management organisation based in New South Wales is the first customer in the world to adopt Valo Entrance, a new and much more simplified approach to managing access to content for external parties.

CivicRisk CEO Andrew Armitstead said the appeal and capabilities of Valo Entrance in combination with SharePoint Online, coupled with Nexon’s strength in this area has already been a gamechanger for the organisation, optimising processes and enabling digital transformation within their membership base.

“We’re very excited to be the first in the world offering the Valo Entrance technology to our network. The rollout of this innovative solution demonstrates our continuous commitment to operating for the benefit of our members,” Andrew said.

“As a member-driven organisation it’s so important our local councils can access our portal whenever they need, but access management for our external users has always been a huge pain point for us.

“Our existing extranet technology was rigid, expensive and required a specialised skillset to maintain – that we just didn’t have in-house. The new solution will modernise content delivery for our members and dramatically improve their experience with our organisation.”

CEO and Founder of Valo Solutions Pekka Walkama said Valo Entrance solves the dilemma many businesses face when trying to share and collaborate with different types of vendors, resellers and independent external professionals.

“Working closely with a versatile network of external stakeholders and keeping them close by sharing information with them is important – but something that has been difficult to achieve until now,” Pekka said.

“Valo Entrance is a safe and secure way to collaborate with external organisations. The self-service portal is easy and convenient to use, whilst IT governance remains of paramount importance.

“We couldn’t think of a better launchpad for Valo Entrance than Australia. The initial feedback on the product has been overwhelmingly positive, and Nexon has been instrumental in the delivery of Valo to our first worldwide partner, CivicRisk Mutual.”

Nexon’s Modern Workplace Business Lead Peter Jamhour said the team recognised the value offered up by Valo Entrance immediately and quickly moved on the opportunity to position the platform.

“There’s been a gap in the market for a while now, where being able to easily manage external access to Office 365 services such as SharePoint Online has largely been non-existent – and that’s why we are so excited by the opportunities that have been opened for a wide range of our customers,” Peter said.

“Being able to position SharePoint Online as a strong candidate for delivering extranet solutions has become a whole lot easier with Valo Entrance. Bringing in M365 security and compliance controls such as DLP policies, as well as the pleasant user experience and unique functions offered by the Valo products, the net result to our customers is a truly collaborative solution that is secure, feature rich and promotes their brand.

“We’re very proud of the partnership we’ve formed with Valo and are excited to see that partnership flourish in the APAC region over the coming years.”

Leveraging the Microsoft 365 suite, Valo Entrance enables organisations to invite and collaborate with external users easily, by simplifying the provisioning and retirement of external sharing links.

A centralised administrative interface makes it easy to analyse, search for, group and manage external access. Whole domains can be invited at once, as well as individual addresses of external parties. External users can self-serve, by opting in and registering for access themselves.

Nexon has secured a three-year consultative support agreement with CivicRisk Mutual, providing ongoing consultative services based on a model of continuous improvement and member enablement.

Nexon news - CivicRisk Mutual – First Customer to Use Valo Entrance Extranet Solution
Nexon news - CivicRisk Mutual – First Customer to Use Valo Entrance Extranet Solution

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