Cybersecurity for work from home employees

There is a way to quickly protect devices

As you navigate this new world where most employees are remote and working from home you are left with cybersecurity implications. With more ways in and out of the network, home workers face unique security challenges such as protecting their identity, data and devices. These challenges may leave you in uncharted waters when it comes to protecting your data, no matter where it’s accessed.

With employees now working from home, sometimes from their own devices, it can be difficult to enforce corporate security controls. While fast, reliable Internet connectivity brings huge benefits to remote working lives, it also represents a larger target for malicious actors. Increased attacks like phishing and malware widen your organisation’s attack surface and unchecked can result in business disruption, financial or reputational costs.

Empowering users to work from anywhere

Cybersecurity can be complex when you factor in more unknowns when considering how you secure data and applications inside and out of the normal office environment.

Working from home shouldn’t be at the risk of the business, especially where your remote users

Nexon Cybersecurity - device access the internet with no VPN

Use the same device to access the Internet without VPN protection afterhours and on weekends and then continue to work from home accessing corporate tools and applications. Organisations often see a spike in malware infections on Monday mornings as a result.

Nexon Cybersecurity - network and wifi

Home network and WiFi security varies and introduces risks to the devices used to access corporate applications and data

Nexon Cybersecurity - malwares

Unfortunately, attackers are looking for ways to exploit vulnerable situations. Recent trends indicate that ransomware, malware, phishing an callbacks to botnets have increased sharply.

Nexon Cybersecurity - Nexon cloud-delivered security

An additional layer of security is the answer. Let Nexon help reduce this risk for your business with cloud-delivered DNS-layer security.

Cloud delivered security provides visibility and protection for remote users from internet-based threats by routing URLs and IP addresses that are known to be malicious or associated with nefarious activity to a block page. Now is the time to protect your data as remote workers access the internet without the need to connect to the corporate network or VPN.

Safeguard your organisation with the benefits of cloud-delivered security

Nexon Cybersecurity - Protect your data and remote users

Protect your data
and remote users

Deliver better security to remote workers with the right level of security anywhere your users roam.

Nexon Cybersecurity - threat prevention

Threat prevention
Block domains and risky apps that pose a cyber threat, including malware, phishing and ransomware with an effective security protection solution

Nexon Cybersecurity - increase visibility

Increase visibility
With cloud-delivered security, you can gain insight into internet activity across all locations and users.

Nexon Cybersecurity - deploy in minutes

Deploy in minutes
Protect your end users, with easy to deploy cloud-delivered security provisioning.

Why Nexon?

At Nexon, we understand the unique challenges faced by business leaders.

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind. We do this by reducing risk to an acceptable level, addressing incidents and vulnerabilities, and ensuring that your organisation has the necessary foundation and tools to control the evolving and proliferation of threats.

Our comprehensive security framework ensures the appropriate technology, people and processes are deployed when and where necessary. This framework outlines what is required to secure your data and infrastructure from evolving threats while ensuring authorised access to systems is maintained.

Our commitment is to help you adapt to today’s highly dynamic marketplace.


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