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In recent years, the not for profit solutions landscape has been embracing new, emerging technologies to enable its players to better serve the needs of communities while building support under highly competitive conditions. Already 46% of NFPs have moved to the cloud[1] and 67% of NFP organisations agree their core IT system allows their teams to work more effectively[1], both in the office and on a remote basis. So what are the key digital tools your NFP should be utilising to maximise productivity? We take a look at these below.

Save time by automating manual processes

In the NFP sector, which is reliant on donations, every dollar counts and each minute is crucial. Digital tools that enable your NFP’s staff to automate their manual processes are one of the most important tools you can deploy to raise productivity. For example, automated-workflow tools allowing alerts and communications to be triggered in real time allow your organisation to onboard donors and suppliers immediately, with minimum or no manual intervention.

Cloud-based storage and document management systems can also save your staff time on organising, sharing, and securing digital resources. Mobility and collaboration tools like Teams and Planner also support productivity by automating sharing of information and data across devices and location. From generating receipts and HR tasks like payroll, onboarding, and training to inventory management, these tasks can be automated to minimise the amount of manual administrative work that holds your team back.

Ideally you’ll be using an integrated platform that reduces or eliminates manual and paper-driven administration across as many processes as possible. A fully integrated platform that shares data across different functions also removes the need for repetitive data entry. By integrating your systems and digitising manual processes, you are removing time consuming steps in workflows and boosting productivity because your valuable team is freed up to concentrate on more important activities, including building relationships with clients and sponsors and raising funds..

Boost productivity with custom workflows

Digital tools incorporating customised workflow could be another important tool in your NFP’s IT setup. When managing the individual tasks of your teams, you need workflows to help define the order of tasks from start to completion. For example, your project management or task management platform could have statuses like Assigned, Started, Reviewing, and Completed. These help you manage individual tasks and keep track of how your team members are progressing. They also give you a better picture of how disparate elements of a given project – whether it’s a special fundraising campaign or creating and executing a fundraising event – are progressing.

No two organisations and their projects are the same. Your team members will also have tasks that require unique tracking statuses. As such, a platform that lets you create custom workflows can support better management of tasks through improved alignment of your organisation’s processes. It can allow you to designate personalised sequences and status groupings ultimately to support enhanced productivity, as team members will better understand the steps their tasks will be progressing through.

This feature might seem simple, but it’s a powerful one that helps with the tracking, communication, and reporting of your unique processes. As an example, Nexon was able to assist NFP Cerebral Palsy Alliance with its digital transformation journey and help it elevate the performance of its operations with new technology infrastructure.

Leverage your data effectively

Another crucial digital tool should be one that enables your teams to use data, especially donor data, effectively. Ideally this is an integrated platform offering a comprehensive perspective of your donors. From this, you can offer far more personalised, targeted, and relevant communications when interacting with donors. In turn, this can support enhanced donation outcomes, with stronger engagement with your donors, improved relationships, and the achieving of fundraising targets.

For example, an integrated and uniquely configured digital solution like Nexon offers a 360-degree view of your membership, donors, and affiliates. You can easily manage real-time interactions, and every staff member accessing the system can stay up-to-date with the latest donor data as it’s updated by other members of the team. It can also be integrated with your organisation’s other applications to minimise administration and paperwork when migrating donor data. You can tailor the donor experience by allowing donors to donate and connect when and and how they prefer, with streamlined payment processing, and other tools that will save your staff time.

Start your productivity journey with Nexon

Since 2000, Nexon has been helping organisations with using innovative technology in productive and efficient ways to achieve their outcomes. As a multi-awarded, certified solutions provider, we understand your NFP’s unique requirements and we can design, build, and support your entire I.T. environment to meet these needs.

Our experience and customer focus means we go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals and provide your NFP with a tailored solution that is right for your organisation.

[1] Digital Technology in the Not-for-Profit Sector

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