Board level conversations are shifting from inputs to outcomes, as organisations focus on a “value first” approach when it comes to the approval of new technology programs. Digital transformation initiatives, innovations and emerging technologies that could impact the organisation need to be able to show measurable results and impact, for investments to be approved.

Which begs the question, where can the most measurable improvements be found when it comes to implementing new technologies? Maybe increasing your bandwidth is the innovation imperative you’ve been missing?

Improving bandwidth can improve your

  • Operational and cost efficiency
  • Customer experience
  • Employee’s collaboration
  • Team productivity
  • Time-to-market
  • Real time decision-making

Doing more with less, for less

Innovating to identify greater efficiencies in everything we do, will power us through the next phase of economic pressures as we all seek to do more, with less, for less. There’s evidence from Mckinsey to support the premise that innovation helps businesses create competitive advantage for the long-term, meaning the case for improving outcomes through innovation is also alive and kicking.

So, we’re talking about faster decisions, faster technology, faster outcomes, more engaged staff, better customer experiences, more revenue, higher margins…the benefits are far reaching. So how do we meet all of these expectations from a technology perspective?

Affordable innovation through bandwidth

We believe secure, reliable, high-performance connectivity is the imperative organisations have been missing when it comes to facilitating innovation. It’s a change which expedites growth and productivity at minimal cost.

We’re seeing large organisations and government agencies, who could be choosing productivity through high bandwidth fibre connections, opting for lower bandwidth services. More nimble mid-level organisations are choosing high grade bandwidth, to quickly benefit from the agility and fast operational structures needed to facilitate better customer experiences and gain the all-important competitive advantage.

With business fibre networks now more affordable, symmetrical and scalable than ever before, it’s truly time to consider driving digital-first technology through your organisation to establish the framework for future growth and innovation.

The connectivity crunch and the productivity pinch

Continuous connectivity is the challenge for every organisation – some rely on connectivity to generate revenue. With exponentially more devices, data and clouds, networks are at risk of becoming a single point of failure without the necessary investments. The productivity pinch is felt by everyone when networks go down, not to mention the cost burden which invariably ensues.

To avoid the connectivity crunch and the productivity pinch, the solution of course, is to architect and engage in a fail-safe style system where there’s always a plan B, C and D if plan A loses connection, so that performance, accessibility, reach and flexibility are always prioritised.

And while we talk a lot about the need for cyber protection, what is needed is a holistic approach to network contingency, coupled with business continuity plans to mitigate and control the risks of downtime and time of restoration.

The superpower of a technology partner

It’s important to focus your partnerships towards a precise strategic priority and vision. Only then can you benefit from the added value, improved user experience and organisational balance achieved by using a strategic technology partner. Together we can support your innovation programs and digital goals while also delivering a frictionless transition to an integrated platform, with the added security of stems and data.

Connectivity with Care

We know, migrating anything is scary. And every IT professional has their battle scars.

 Imagine if the solution focused on reducing downtime actually causes downtime?

Our customers know putting their solutions in our hands is the easiest and fastest way to implement high impact productivity projects without an issue.

Ultimately, our service has always been differentiated by our implementations. We’ve invested in the best people, expertise and tools to design, implement and manage a worry-free network rollout or migration.

By working through your infrastructure issues and opportunities at a macro and micro level, we ensure programs are managed to keep your operations running in an optimal way, using our expertise and experience to keep the stress from your door.

Customer care with impact

We continue to provide solutions which power innovation and remove the pain of stressful implementations, providing fast time to value and measured efficiency gains.

One of our Clients, Flick Anticimex is a leading pest control and hygiene brand, who engaged us to help modernise their environment, deliver better experiences and ensure a seamless network migration with care.

Flick Anticimex had hampered productivity through on-premise network infrastructure built on a traditional MPLC environment which was impeding its ability to create dynamic experiences for its customers. In addition, the lack of integration and wide footprint across numerous data centres made it impossible to innovate through technology in an agile way and bring on new acquisitions at-pace.

Michael Sturk, the IT Manager at Flick expressed how Nexon assisted to spearhead innovations.

Nexon quickly understood our organisational needs, embedding a cloud infrastructure and NBN first approach with an SD WAN architecture ensuring connectivity from anywhere at any time. This project supports our long term growth and innovation program, building exceptional customer experiences and a sustainable business model for the future.

Michael Sturk, the IT Manager at Flick

Also focused on a value-first approach was the largest poultry producer across Australia and New Zealand – Inghams.

As a multi-site operation with rural processing sites, gathering and acting on real-time insights from around its facility was driving a demand for faster and more connected infrastructure. The organisation was running a private MPLS network, hampering its ability to deliver services in an accurate and efficient way.

The team appreciated our care and diligence throughout delivery with Marald Marcus, Infrastructure & Security Manager at Ingham’s Group commenting that

Nexon understood our focus on capturing data from our digital networks and IOT devices across all of our rural and metropolitan sites and processing plants. We run an ‘always on’ business model, so collecting and distributing quality information quickly and easily enables us to adjust and adapt as needed – and measure the impact. Nexon’s care and diligence throughout delivery made the process fast and easy

Marald Marcus, Infrastructure & Security Manager at Ingham’s Group

These two clients exemplify the value that organisations can derive from partnering with a provider who offers consultation on their technology journey and demonstrates a commitment to delivering and supporting enhancements across the entire organisation with care. By having access to the right expertise and end-to-end experience, these organisations are confidently pursuing their vision to achieve desired outcomes.

Re-assured results with peace of mind.

We’re always focused on sharing the benefits of working with a partner who offers experience and proofs as part of the process, and we’re happy to share those with anyone looking to take their organisation to the next level.

Our customers tell us they benefit from:

  • More value – our knowledge and experience fills the gaps and delivers value quickly
  • A painless transition – our established team define the migration plan, test, execute and manage from ideation to completion.
  • Engaged people and customers – making connected experiences easier and faster for everyone.
  • Simplified vendor interactions – We choose our partners to provide the best outcomes for you. That means best-of-breed technologies, and diversity for your organisation while simplifying the number of technology providers you need to engage with for your desired state.
  • Improved results – improved connectivity drives measurable value based outcomes, so it’s an easy business case to fast track productivity and innovation.

Want to drive innovation and productivity with simplified connectivity? Get in touch.