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As the world rapidly changes, so does technology and customer expectations. In an ever-evolving reality where everyone seems to be going in the fast lane, organisations need to follow suit and invest in technology that improves interactions with customers, as well as delivers impactful experiences for employees and stakeholders.

When the subject is virtual agents (or chatbots), the conversation can become quite polarised, both from an organisational standpoint, as well as from the end consumers. This stems from the idea that virtual agents are here to replace human interactions. In fact, implemented correctly, chatbots are here to complement human agents, by providing faster resolution for “trivial” issues.  In turn, this empowers human agents to focus on attending to more pressing and elaborate issues and enquiries, as well as provide a better and seamless experience to end customers.

What is the secret for a successful virtual agent implementation?

A virtual agent is as good as your data. For a virtual agent to perform as efficiently as a human agent, or even faster and more consistent in many cases, the access to accurate and historical data is fundamental.

Even when your data is scattered across disparate systems, customers expect it to be accessible seamlessly. If users commit to engaging with a chatbot, they expect that the information they provide is retained. Repeatedly providing the same information is a common frustration with bots.

When well implemented, a successful virtual agent should be able to meet customers’ expectations and needs faster, providing real time self-service on any device.

What are the ultimate goals of a successful virtual agent implementation?

When organisations take the idea of implementing virtual agents into reality, the investment in accurate data, as well as the employment of the right people and technology are the first steps of a successful project.

With the right elements aligned from the get-go, the benefits can be significant:

  • Meet customers’ need for faster service speed and real time self-service on any device
  • Take the noise away from the live agent – automate menial tasks, deflect simple inquiries, leaving humans to focus on meaningful work for faster resolution with fewer resources
  • Intelligent triage – prequalify enquiries before directing them to the best agent
  • Deeper connections – free humans to manage complex, high value, or emotional issues
  • 360-degree view – get relevant data on one screen to avoid repeated questions and handballing
  • Always learning – virtual agents learn from past solutions to get better over time
 Getting real about bots

When it comes to interactions, the reality is that customers do not enjoy having to contact customer service lines or support teams, regardless if it is to chat to bots or to human agents. They do not hate bots, they hate frustrating service and intrusion. What they really want is fast, actionable, practical solutions, real-time support, and the option of self-service tools that they can use 24/7.

A better customer experience with fewer resources is the ultimate win-win. It’s about the results, not the process.

Nexon offers a range of digital solutions to suit your needs. Contact us today and discover how we can help your organisation deliver on improved customer experiences.

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