COVID-19: Is your business operating effectively during a health pandemic?

Businessman in cafe is wearing mask for protection against coronavirus

What aftermath are you left with to manage?

Firstly, the health and well-being of all staff, customers and partners is a priority. But the truth is, safeguarding your data and applications is integral to ensuring the long-term health of your organisation. The inability to access data and applications or to resume operations in a timely manner could cost you more than you think.

COVID-19 continues to be a major challenge for businesses and governments around the world. At Nexon we provide comprehensive BCP-DR (Business Continuity Protection – Disaster Recovery) solutions designed to support organisations of any size, no matter when or what disaster strikes.

Have you considered how you will:

1. Empower your staff to work from anywhere?

As business leaders, you need to consider how your organisation will continue to operate, from the back-office to the front line. Does your current remote access infrastructure scale to allow all users to work remote concurrently? Do you have devices for all staff to work offsite productively?

Our infrastructure supports access to voice, video, systems and applications from anywhere, at cloud scale, even during global threats and national emergencies. You can read more about how to transform your business into a modern workplace here

2.Securely access existing data and applications outside of your office locations?

If you are a business with legacy on premise systems today, have you considered how your staff can continue to securely access these platforms remotely?
Although systems are set up for some users to access remotely occasionally, how can you scale this quickly for all users? Increasingly there is zero-tolerance from the business for downtime, malfunction and inaccessibility. At Nexon, we help businesses with scalable and secure VPN access services to facilitate the continuity of access, while detecting and preventing threats. Discover how you can maintain visibility and control of your operational environment and data.

3.Enable staff to connect, communicate and collaborate?

In a time of crisis, the increased demand for work flexibility means you require a scalable, cloud-based communication platform to meet this demand. Nexon’s solutions seamlessly connect telephony and collaboration ensuring your staff are always reachable, on the same numbers, anywhere, anytime. Learn more here.

By partnering with Nexon, clients will gain access to an experienced team of specialists who along with the client’s team, can achieve success together. We have 20 years’ experience in building and supporting solutions for our commercial, government agencies and not-for-profit customers throughout Australia across all areas of I.T.

We offer a 24/7 Australian-based operational support model and service desk, tailored to your specific business and I.T. outsourcing needs.

Don’t let COVID-19 cause any major disruptions to your business.

Start a conversation with us today!

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