A digital-first CX (customer experience) strategy goes beyond your contact centre.  A well-thought-out journey will give your organisation the ability to transform while streamlining processes and systems, as well as offer clients their choice of communication platform. This seamless approach provides frictionless client and internal communication across all channels and departments, which is key for organisations to remain successful now and into the future.

As more sophisticated technology becomes available via cloud-based SaaS offerings rather than antiquated on-premise deployments, tapping into a best-of-breed contact centre solution to improve your customer experience is now achievable and affordable for most organisations – regardless of size, location, or budget.



Benefits of integrated, cloud-based digital solutions

Your ability to create an easy, effective, and memorable experience for your clients (residents, patients, students, shoppers, etc) is based on your ability to effectively integrate various platforms to deliver a seamless transaction or interaction. By bringing together your customer relationship management (CRM) and all facets of your communication in a comprehensive way, your organisation can enjoy the key benefits of a harmonised service department, including:

  • Direct increase of revenue – driven by your contact centre
  • Increased rate of positive call resolutions
  • Decreased client churn & increased levels of client satisfaction
  • Supported on-demand workforce –no matter where they are
  • Greater personalisation & more valuable interactions with clients
  • Ability to leverage operational insights when making key decisions
  • Better user experience for both clients and employees alike with integrated tools & platforms
  • Better visibility and insights – across the whole client lifecycle
  • More control over outcomes of interactions
  • Increased insight & support for staff efficiency, well-being, and development



Reduce Client Churn? Elevate Your CX

Powered by cloud-based products such as those like Genesys Cloud CX, ServiceNow, Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory, a secure and reliable contact centre solution that is capable of integrating with various communication channels helps you deliver a consistent client experience. By partnering with an award-winning service provider like Nexon, you can work with a team of solution architects to help you:

  • Gain an understanding of where you are and where you want to be
  • Engage the right people across your organisation
  • Map your current and future state in a comprehensive roadmap that can:
    • Educate and inform your other technology decisions and priorities
    • Be shared with stakeholders and alleviate fear of risk and ‘the unknown’
  • Analyse client preferences to ensure your future state is in line with organisational objectives
  • Deploy best-of-breed technologies, tailor-made to your organisation’s unique needs

Nexon is a single digital solutions and managed services partner that has designed, delivered, and continues to manage, end-to-end communications services for organisations such as Insignia Financial, Flick Anticimex, and Australian Red Cross.



The role a streamlined, integrated, and effective contact centre plays in your organisational efficacy

The ideal future starts with informed planning. By partnering with a trusted service provider like Nexon, you get strategic, knowledgeable consultants who can roadmap, implement, and support your entire digital estate.

Powered by Genesys Cloud, Nexon’s contact centre seamlessly connects customer interactions across every channel, while enabling advanced integrations across enterprise CRMs and other IT systems. It features:

  • A single queue for all customer communications – referred to as omnichannel engagement
  • Voice integration, including self-service IVR (interactive voice response) and chatbots
  • Access to real-time analytics and dashboards
  • Better workforce engagement and management
  • Optimised workflows
  • Enriched communication across your entire client journey, including surveys

It is that good, that this is the contact centre technology that Microsoft uses:

image is a screenshot of a Microsoft employee testimonial - it reads: "Now, we're able to see all interactions across the globe and route traffic from anywhere to anywhere, without customers ever leaving the platform." ~ Matt Hayes, Senior Director, Contact Centre Technology, Microsoft



Align your CX & EX with your organisational goals

Nexon is committed to delivering a seamless experience for your clients and your employees.  By designing your CX and EX roadmap with your organisational goals in mind, we drive outcomes that are relevant and aligned to the entire organisation, not just one department. Using integrated, future-proofed, scalable, and easy-to-adopt platforms, Nexon can deliver you a solution fit for the future.

We have the expertise, and we take the time to understand your big picture and recommend the right digital and contact centre solutions for your requirements.



Discover how you can have intelligent conversations with the right digital and contact centre solution.