Business solutions for Food and Beverage Industry

Optimise distribution, enhance operations and improve visibility. Digitise and integrate your operations to unlock cost savings, increase profitability, and improve customer satisfaction.

Selecting the appropriate technology to automate and streamline your Food Services business can be challenging.

A complete end-to-end, fully integrated solution can help you improve profitability by fuelling synergies within your various business processes. However, poor implementation or a misaligned solution can have the opposite effect.

The right implementation partner needs to understand technology and have a deep understanding of your industry. Only then can they provide a platform that is both cost-effective and fit for purpose.

A comprehensive digital strategy should not only automate your paperwork. It should integrate into your existing systems, improve data quality, and provide you with information to make the correct business decisions.

Solutions designed to meet your unique needs

Australia’s food and beverage supply depends on businesses like yours, and we have solutions to meet your sector needs:

Manage your wholesale distribution by streamlining processes, optimise inventory management and gain better insights and visibility into warehouse management, orders, and financials.

How can we help:

Integration of all business platforms into Business Central to create a single view and management of the business. Deployment of Proof of Delivery apps that optimise delivery route and manage e-proof requirements, all securely updated to the cloud.

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Created for the food service industry, built for your business

No matter what role you play in the food and beverage supply chain, we can help your business implement solutions to unleash your digital potential:


Cloud services migrations


Deployment of Business Central to connect your systems and drive data consistency across your business


Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your in-house ordering systems, webstore, and EDI platforms


Custom-built monitoring solutions that track the temperature control of your food services products along the entire delivery chain


Business Intelligence services that build models of your data by product, customer, or region, helping you spot trends and make informed strategic decisions


Material Requirements Planning services augmented with predictive analysis from Artificial Intelligence to help you reduce inventory costs and empower just in time delivery

Integration Automates Workflow and Enhances Efficiencies

Crafted for the industry and built for your business

Designed and delivered to meet the food service industry's unique needs, our solutions align and integrate with your operations.

A fit for purpose solution offering the following tangible benefits:

  • Increase customer satisfaction with improved reliability and predictable service delivery.
  • Grow your profitability with decreased costs, better operational automation, and real-time financial analytics.
  • Take control of your inventory management with up to the minute reporting, digitally driven logistics, and live vehicle tracking.
  • Increase the efficiency of your distributed workforce with digital solutions that leverage the power of cloud services.
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A one-stop centre of expertise delivering food service industry solutions

Nexon leverages a wealth of experience in the food services industry and a proven track record in delivering technology solutions that ensure positive business outcomes.

Our values, unique approach, and deep understanding of both your industry and technology help us:


Design and implement solutions that deliver real value to your customers.


Offer a holistic solution that leverages and seamlessly integrates services from the Microsoft cloud offering.


Leverage innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build models that offer you market insights.


Harness the power of data to help you proactively engage with your customers throughout the value chain.


Ensure the security of your business, its data, and the privacy of your customers.

Business Solutions Expertise

An effective technology solution focussed on business outcomes needs a partner that truly understands your business and industry. Nexon has been delivering technology solutions that solve real business problems for decades, working with many of Australia's leading companies.

Nexon can provide the best solutions for your organisation, ensuring I.T. achieves its goals and objectives

Uniquely placed to meet your particular needs, Nexon offers:

  • Deep and broad expertise across all Microsoft Clouds enabling us to recommend and implement the most appropriate end-to-end solution for you.

  • Extensive experience with both modern and legacy IT systems with a deep understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Comprehensive understanding of core business needs in a fast-changing environment.

  • Our sector-specific experience means we speak your language and understand your challenges.

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