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Collaboration platforms like Telephony Solutions, Microsoft Teams and digital platforms such as CRM are just a few foundational tools service providers leverage in delivering the best possible service. These customer touch points have evolved with even more advanced cloud-based contact centre features and functions, allowing for greater visibility and intelligent conversations across platforms when integrated into a seamless environment.

Customers’ expectations have changed post pandemic, with the vast majority expecting digital channels to be optimised, reliable and convenient. But the question to organisations still remains: are they unlocking the real value of their platforms to deliver better customer experiences (CX) and services?

The answer will overwhelmingly be different for many organisations as they attempt to optimise and take advantage of existing investments across all digital and omni-channel platforms aligned to their larger organisational goals.

However, it’s no secret that for organisations to survive and remain viable, they will need to adapt for better agility, innovation, and customer-centricity.

The desired outcome for most will be to build a resilient and “modern” enterprise that delivers better customer experiences (CX) across digital platforms maximising agility, efficiency, and service delivery independent of their technology. This architecture will offer greater value to both customer and employee experience management, allowing for a flexible approach that can be continuously optimised as and when new technologies become available.

By adopting a multi-cloud approach, organisations can transform their digital platforms to deliver more personalised and customer centric support.

Here, we explore two key value-metrics of an integrated contact centre solution that offer benefits back to organisations leveraging modern architectures.

Data Analytics helping organisations to maximise CX management

 Organisation leveraging data and data-driven tools to improve CX, retain and engage clients better over the customer lifetime. The value to these organisations spans the complete relationship and help to grow if not drive positive customer lifetime value.

Data powers a personalised Omni Channel experience and can accelerate the agility and operations of an organisation with automated responses and workflows.

With a modern and integrated contact centre solution, you can gain deeper insights into your data by:

  • Mining voice and text interactions for deep understanding of reasons for contact, lost sales opportunities, or customer dissatisfaction
  • Understanding if you are operating at an optimal level
  • Improving customer engagement and net promoter score, which directly correlates to revenue and brand loyalty
  • Understanding what your customers are saying (voice of the customer) that is not easily detected through quality monitoring processes on a small sample of interactions

Action: Build and strengthen customer engagements across your organisation with proactive, intelligent data and insights for better CX. With an integrated and modern contact centre you can leverage every customer interaction and data point over time to deliver better services and support, improving the customer lifetime value (CLV).

Transforming customer experience, improving productivity with AI and automation.

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to process and collect data. However, leveraging this across the organisation and scaling responses to meet customer expectations requires the right technology foundation such as adopting automation functionality into your CX strategy.  The benefits of automating customer activity like onboarding, surveys, emails or low-value tasks means organisations are less reliant on a limited workforce to deliver the desired support and services customers expect.

To realise the full power of AI and Automation, service organisations must adopt:

  • Self-service technologies to facilitate agent-assisted interactions. Interactions should start with understanding the customer’s request which then invokes intent-based actions: knowledgebase searches, process steps, or nondeterministic dialogues. An orchestration bot coordinates handoff between different actions, and machine learning improves outcomes.
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) to improve the bottom line. RPA provides a tactical fix to digitise common agent tasks. Attended RPA bots add considerable value to the Contact Centre. Agents call upon them in the flow of their work, improving productivity and quality. Unattended RPA bots autonomously execute tasks from a work queue.
  • Prescriptive AI to make customer service more efficient and effective. AI streamlines inquiry capture and resolution; optimises case routing, classification, and schedule management; and extracts useful information to monitor the quality of service delivered. Insights help coach agents, surface product, and process trends and customer sentiment that impact customer retention and loyalty.

With AI and automation incorporated into your customer experience strategy organisations can:

  • Increase productivity – Direct calls quicker to the right department eliminating time wasted fielding calls or relying on complex phone trees to manually triage calls.
  • Deliver deeper personalisation – Know which customer is calling and use open-ended questions to identify support requirements before they reach an agent. This type of instant, personalised attention leaves more customers happy with tailored support responses rather than traditional IVR menus.
  • Lower service costs – With more automated and AI processes you can eliminate the number of agents handling and connecting different departments – removing guesswork out of the equation, while anticipating the customers need.
  • Put time back into the hands of your agents with rich AI and automation tools removing manual processes and mundane tasks.

Action: Customers today expect transparency, immediacy and simplicity when interacting with you. By integrating tools such as chatbots, virtual assistance, and other automation technologies, you can transform the total customer experience with your brand. Modernise your customer experience management platforms to gain the productivity benefits of automation.

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