Nexon - Cyber Security Checklist – What Organisations and Individuals Need To Do

At Nexon, we are committed to a rigorous and detailed approach in our penetration test reporting. You know the drill: a detailed document filled with our findings; each vulnerability neatly tagged with a severity level. That’s what everyone does, right?

But what happens after the report? Well, that’s where the real work begins. It’s not just about handing over a document; it’s about what you do with the information. The cybersecurity world doesn’t stand still, and neither should any organisation after a pen test.

Our rigorous penetration test reporting is just the beginning. We understand that for most organisations, the real challenge begins with turning those findings into tangible security improvements. That’s why we’ve introduced an intuitive, interactive Penetration Testing Reporting portal that allows you to seamlessly manage your vulnerabilities in a central location for multiple stakeholders to action accordingly.

With our platform, now centralising how you track and remediate the vulnerabilities becomes a breeze. You can effortlessly assign tasks to the right people in your team and use our smart suite of analytics to spot and understand vulnerability trends over time and to provide you insights into where your high-risk assets lie. It’s all about making the complex job of managing and fixing vulnerabilities as simple and intuitive as possible. It’s designed to make your job easier, enabling you to act on our insights swiftly and effectively, and maintain a robust security posture. Imagine having a clear path from discovery to resolution, keeping your operations smooth and secure.

However, we recognise a critical challenge that often arises in this process. When organisations receive a penetration test report, they are frequently overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks that need to be addressed. This can lead to missed or hard-to-track vulnerabilities, compromising the overall security strategy. That’s where our platform adds value. By centralising and simplifying the management of these tasks, our portal ensures that nothing gets overlooked. It’s not just about identifying vulnerabilities; it’s about efficiently managing the remediation process. Our system is designed to handle the complexity and scale of post-report tasks, making it easier for your team to prioritise and track progress, ensuring a comprehensive and effective security response.

The user interface is designed for clarity and ease of use, ensuring that from C-suite to IT managers, the journey from vulnerability identification to resolution is streamlined and stress-free. So, for those who are ready to dive deeper, we’re talking about a shift from a one-off report, where you are responsible for maintaining a repository of remediation actions, to a portal where you have complete visibility of all remediation activities and where they are at. Understanding and managing your vulnerabilities is an ongoing process. It’s not just about finding the gaps – it’s about continuous improvement, and that’s where the future of pen testing is headed.

The Power of Automation and Immediate Insights

You receive more than just a report; you’re granted access to a dynamic portal that captures every identified vulnerability in detail. This tool empowers you to assign tasks, manage the remediation cycle, and access a wealth of artifacts at your fingertips, with the added benefit of real-time updates ensuring accountability and transparency. With the ability to customise your view, you can prioritise the most urgent vulnerabilities, review detailed descriptions, understand the impact on affected assets, and follow clear remediation guidance. It’s a proactive approach that transforms the way you secure your operations.

Real-Time Visibility

For CIOs, CTOs and CSOs our portal offers a comprehensive overview of your security landscape, allowing live tracking of tasks, progress and remediation efforts. This platform is much more than a mere tool – it’s a strategic asset that delivers critical insights into vulnerabilities and their broader implications on your security posture. In contrast to traditional, static reports, our solution provides you with the ability to continuous track, remediate and gain deeper insights.

Closing the Gap with Strategic Remediation

The platform enables you to move beyond spreadsheets and disjointed communications. It fosters a proactive culture, where remediations are not just tasks to be checked off but strategic steps towards fortifying defences and closing security gaps.

Access Additional Technical Artefacts

Your technical teams now have full access to all artefacts from the penetration test. This includes scan files, supplemental documentation, logs, hashes, and additional relevant data. With these resources, your teams can accurately reproduce any discovered findings, facilitating a more effective and targeted approach to remediate identified vulnerabilities.

In the world of cybersecurity, knowledge and action are the keys to taking control. That’s exactly what the Nexon Penetration Testing Report portal offers: it doesn’t just highlight your vulnerabilities; it arms you with the know-how and platform to manage how and who remediates these vulnerabilities giving you a complete view of your posture at a point in time. Think of it as turning risks into opportunities to make your defences stronger and more responsive. With our penetration testing services, you’re not just reacting to threats; you’re staying ahead of them, securing your digital domain with confidence and agility.

Experience the difference with our advanced penetration test management solution, offering all our pentest customers complete access to our comprehensive reporting portal as an integral part of our Penetration Testing engagements.

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