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Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) as a solution has changed drastically over the years.  

As costs go down and ease of access goes up, the possibilities of UC&C’s capabilities widen exponentially. Businesses are able to communicate with customers and each other better and provide instant solutions from anywhere in the world. These capabilities better analyse data to optimise communications with solutions such as AI engineering, hyper automation and cloud-based systems. There is no better example of how dramatically the UC&C landscape can change in a short space of time than during the pandemic, accelerating changes in the way organisations service its customers. 

With all of these changes, it is no wonder businesses are uncertain where to start or what will create the most impactful change. Attempting to rely on older customer experience platforms is insufficient and blocking the ability to scale up when needed. Managing employee engagement and customer experience while adapting to new solutions is key. 

So where should businesses start?  

Identifying the Customer Journey 

By analysing data and insights from customer interactions, a business can better improve its services. Without this insight, change is being done for the sake of it at the loss of any real benefits.  

Mixing different technologies can be quite tricky to navigate, especially if these technologies don’t work seamlessly in tandem with each other. For example, you could bring in an online customer portal, but manually create spreadsheets analysing interactions. You might be able to determine how many customers have spoken to you each day, but what about the quality of their conversations? Did they find what they were looking for? By integrating complementary technologies and removing ones that are causing your organisation to lag behind, you can better and more quickly analyse customer interactions, see where you’re gaining and losing customers and create an improved customer journey roadmap. 

Remove Reactive Data 

In a world where customers expect instant solutions and no hiccups, reacting to a problem, whether identified through a customer survey or feedback, and working on a solution after the fact is far too slow.  

The new normal in business data analysis is all about accurate, meaningful customer insights that predicts behaviours before the customer themselves realise it. With the power of AI and machine learning, businesses can better predict what the next step for a customer should be. 

Leveraging Nexon’s robust CX offering, organisations are able to deliver real value to customers. 

Better Together delivering integrated and rich contact centre solutions.  

In September this year, Nexon announced the acquisition of Veridian Solutionsa provider delivering integrated customer engagement and unified communications solutions to mid-market and enterprise customers across Australia.  

The two entities have rich experience working with complex and integrated environments, efficiently delivering a suite of customer experience management services across the cloud. The possibilities of what an organisation can do to reach their customers is endless. 

By delivering an intelligent omni-channel contact centre solution, Nexon and Veridian can improve insights with access to rich data across the customer journey, improve first contact resolution and deliver better customer experiences.  

These insights allow for an improved customer journey roadmap and remove the reliance on a reactive approach, taking a more intuitive step through:  

  • Digital consulting and integration expertise 
  • AI, automation, and self-service 
  • Enhancing workforce engagement management processes to help improve compliance, QA recording, scripting and better leveraging diallers 
  • Insight analytics to elevate the customer journey 
  • Cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions 
  • Managed services and support 

With Veridian Solutions now a part of Nexon’s offering, Nexon delivers over 38 years of combined experience, expertise and greater levels of IP to offer customers a powerful combination to move forward and deploy cloud-based contact centre platforms that continuously support organisational initiatives and improve total experiences. 

If you want to find out more about Nexon’s UC&C solutions, visit our solutions page here