Aged care benchmark: How a data management strategy is essential to success

Aged care data management and needs are expected to grow exponentially as the industry responds to market pressures and undergoes digital transformation.

The aged care sector is entering into a whole new world. The rate of change – from multiple disruptors – is well known within the industry and has been the topic of community discussion and media coverage. But it is the changing face of the aged care customers, both care recipients and their families, that is arguably the biggest change agent today.

In this paper, we discuss the new customer experience benchmark for aged care, consider its impact on data needs and explore a future-ready data management approach – one that will serve as a critical cornerstone of a highly-engaged aged care service provider.

A new customer experience benchmark for aged care

Today, aged care customers are very much in control. In fact, like many industries where competition is fierce and customers are given more options to evaluate, an exceptional customer experience will be one of the most powerful sources of sustained competitive advantage.

While quality of care has always been a focus, it takes on a whole different meaning in the context of a highly personalised environment that both the care recipients and their families now demand.

To remain competitive, aged care service providers must:

  • Tailor to the needs of the individual.
  • Enable self-service access to personal information.
  • Commit to ongoing enhancements of services.

Download the complete whitepaper to continue reading.

Aged Care's New Customer Experience Benchmark Whitepaper

Download the complete whitepaper to continue reading.


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