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Make the smart move with Nexon.

Nexon uses best-of-breed solutions to complement, protect and enhance your ICT environment that should be aligned with your changing business needs.

When you make the smart move to the cloud with Nexon, you will get more than an ICT solution; you will have a partner you can completely rely on for fast, effective action and better outcomes for your business, and clients.

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Ready for the cloud? We're here to help.

To be competitive sustainably in the market means businesses must be equipped with the ability to transform and innovate quickly.

At Nexon, we work with you to ensure that your cloud strategy is aligned with your business goals to deliver future flexibility, security, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Nexon Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud services as you need it,
when you need it.

Nexon provides a holistic approach to optimising cloud infrastructure services using cloud-based platform. Capable of transiting your business to the cloud, we transform your data centre into the environment that you need, be it via private, public or hybrid cloud.

Nexon Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Nexon Agile Business Cloud (ABC)

A dynamic cloud-based infrastructure platform and data centre that will transform the way you manage, consume and deploy technology. Built in partnership with Cisco, NetApp and Microsoft, Nexon ABC is housed securely in our own data centres or in leading data centre specialist Equinix.

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Nexon Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Vendor-agnostic public cloud

We deploy vendor-agnostic solutions that provide the best value for clients’ needs including Microsoft Azure and AWS public clouds, ensuring that you are delivered the right solution for your business.

Nexon Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Best of both worlds in Cloud computing

Often the optimal solution could be an integration of cloud services using both public and private clouds. Through in-depth analysis of your business-aligned IT needs, Nexon works with you on a hybrid cloud infrastructure strategy putting your workloads and applications on the platform where it makes most sense.

Managed Cloud Services

Providing peace of mind and assistance, we focus on providing simply business benefits to you by designing, implementing and supporting your entire IT environment – from network and cloud infrastructure to systems and applications, right through to delivery to desktop and day to day support.

Secure and always-on infrastructure

Backup and recovery

Protecting critical data with continuous replication and corruption-free recovery, Nexon’s Backup as a Service and DR as a Service solutions provide secure and reliable data backup to help protect your business systems, applications and information as well as an enduring business continuity plan.

Data Storage

Reducing costs, freeing up capital, improving business agility and system performance, Nexon’s Storage as a Service enables you with more power to access critical data insights for fast and accurate decision-making.

Data Centre Extension

Extending your data centre infrastructure to the cloud without the complexities of changing networks, operating systems or even hypervisor, we work with you to provide connectivity and resources to make your cloud environment work smoothly.

Enhancing Productivity

Skype for Business

As part of Nexon Absolute suite of offerings, Skype for Business allows you to be connecting, communicating and collaborating with teams, clients and partners even when you are on the road.


Partnering with rhipe Solutions, we make SharePoint your powerful platform for content management, workflows and search. Enabling your employees to work with the same level of agility and coordination as a company.

Desktop as a Service

Operating in a highly competitive environment, responsiveness and experience are keys in a business. Enhancing mobile working, business users can log on to their own desktops and business applications from any location, using any device.

CRM Online

Driving growth and high performance, Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform allows fast and well-informed decision, streamlined and automated workflow and effective relationship management.

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