Empower users with Modern Devices

Anytime, anywhere, and any device

Allow users to get the most out of modern identities and devices by simplifying the way they work. Leverage the Microsoft cloud to provide more functional ways of managing your identities and device fleet. Get all of this without putting security or compliance at risk.

The way we work has changed, which means users require a secure and simple workplace solution no matter their device or location. The workforce has changed too – it demands business tools that are as engaging as those they use in their private lives.

Traditionally, achieving these efficiencies for employees introduced challenges and risk in maintaining control over corporate data and securing access to core business operations.

Overcoming the challenges of Modern Devices

Flexible work policies and remote work opportunities are fast becoming the norm, with on-demand access to data and applications an absolute must for any organisation. Today’s workplace is being redefined and finding the right model by which to deliver a simple and secure end user operating environment is a challenge.

With so many options available – bring your own device (BYOD), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), standard operating environment, and workspaces – business leaders face difficult, often confusing, decisions when it comes to choosing the right solution to meet the needs of their organisation and its employees.

We can show you how to:

  • Service and manage the different devices and maintain control
  • Deliver and manage business applications across multiple devices
  • Retain control over the environment, and corporate data no matter the device

As your workforce becomes location fluid and device agnostic, technology needs to empower them and protect your services and data.

Balancing needs and security

Nexon’s breadth of expertise and packaged solutions offer you the confidence and peace of mind to balance your workforce needs whilst delivering much needed security requirements.



Nexon provides the entire lifecycle management of IT assets, leveraging best of breed cloud services and extensive reporting on the age, health and compliance of devices. Whether its procuring, deploying, securing, or managing, Nexon can support and control your device fleet.


Enterprise Mobility and Security

Device management has moved beyond locking down desktops, mapping printers and shares. It’s now about enforcing compliance, moving away from deploying images, managing access to services and data on both personally owned and company owned devices.

Realising your modern workplace vision: The nexon Advantage

Modern Workplace solutions with the Nexon advantage deliver a secure, cost effective technology offering for innovation and growth that meets the needs of any business wanting to reduce overall costs and increase team collaboration, satisfaction, productivity and simplify support.

As a true end-to-end service and value provider with coverage across the eastern seaboard, we remove the administrative overhead and expenses you face when dealing with multiple vendors. Nexon spends the time to understand your business, assess your environment and plan out your modern workplace journey. Nexon provides continuing assurance and optimisation opportunities with its ongoing management and support services post-project delivery, assisting with continuous improvement, user enablement and knowledge sharing.

Why Nexon?


Nexon is a highly experienced and certified Microsoft Partner with a proven track record in delivering modern workplace solutions that simplify and secure access to applications and data.


We operate across Australia delivering outcome driven solutions for your organisation, while supporting all key areas of IT.


We’ll partner with you for the long-term to realise your business objectives and modern workplace vision. 


With expertise in a range of technology specialties – from network and telephony through to business applications and devices - we create powerful business solutions that are intuitive and simple to use.


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