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Transforming your business.

Nexon delivers dynamic, boundary-pushing solutions that enable your business to run better, create better IT experiences, and explore bigger and better opportunities.

We adopt the right mix of technology, partners and support to help you navigate an unpredictable and competitive business environment.

I.T. for the dynamic business

In today’s competitive landscape, the dynamic business is mobile, insightful, resilient and cloud-ready, it is open to new ideas and challenges and is ready to achieve bigger outcomes with fewer resources.

By embracing and testing innovative technology, we work with you to navigate the evolving business and I.T. landscape, and prepare your business for fresh challenges and exciting new opportunities.

As your business technology partner, we help you gain a more responsive and intuitive experience from your IT infrastructure, which in turn allows you to explore, innovate and grow with complete confidence. At Nexon, our six interconnected technologies and services work together to support dynamic business.

Secure network

Secure Networks

A secure and agile network that adapts to complex needs today and tomorrow.

Our network solutions
Cloud solutions

Cloud Solutions

Accessing and consuming services easier, empowering business to innovate quicker.

Our cloud solutions
Mobility and collaboration

Mobility and Collaboration

Enhance customer experience and improve collaboration and efficiency.

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Business solutions

Business Solutions

Maximise engagement, productivity and workflow process efficiency.

Our business solutions

Smart Delivery Models

As companies adopt more new technologies, consumption patterns change and how you would like I.T. delivered to you will need to be adjusted. A corresponding shift in delivery I.T. will support your new technology adoption and usage effectively.

Often the optimal solution is a combination of on premise and cloud-based IT services, delivering a hybrid technology, aligned with your business goals, that combines a range of on-site and virtual services, including cloud, data backup and recovery, unified communications, storage and business applications – all delivered across a secure private network fully managed by Nexon.

Nexon's Smart Delivery Models

On-premise delivery model


We can manage your on-site physical infrastructure.

Hybrid delivery model


Combine your on-premise infrastructure with dynamic cloud-based solutions.

Cloud delivery model


Securely transition your
I.T. to the cloud.

We design, build and deliver enterprise-grade business technology platforms using smart delivery models that are chosen for their suitability for your business.

By tailoring the I.T. delivery model to accommodate your current and emerging technologies, applying standardisation and appropriate amount of variability, means:

Improved ability to execute and drive results.

Greater financial control.

Renewed focus on providing business value.

Consistency in the delivery of clients’ products and services.

Opportunity to see larger transformation.

Using the right delivery model for your business, we deliver secure networks, cloud infrastructure, mobility and collaboration solutions and business applications wrapped with managed and professional services.

The result is a highly flexible and scalable IT environment that enables your company to seamlessly connect and collaborate, and have the freedom to work securely from wherever, whenever and on whichever device they choose.

The Right Partners

In order for your business technology to deliver optimal performance, you need the right combination of infrastructure systems, solutions and partners.

Nexon partners with leading technology vendors to ensure your IT environment is always ready for your changing requirements. Our partners are chosen based on a combination of experience, industry reputation, and the specific needs of our clients.

We constantly monitor and evaluate these partners to ensure they remain at the forefront of their particular area of expertise. This means you have total confidence knowing that your tools, systems and applications are in good hands.

Our partners

Flexible Customer Engagement

Your business has unique IT challenges. So as your strategic long-term IT partner, we explore new and exciting possibilities with you, and share the risks and rewards that come with creating an agile, dynamic business.

We work closely with you to understand your business challenges and pain points and then devise a solution that helps you achieve your objectives as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

That means wherever you are on your IT journey, we’ll explore, discover and resolve your challenges using the right mix of consultation, design and managed services.


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