Smart software solutions for the dynamic business.

Customer-centric businesses are taking shape very quickly and it is especially evident in an increasingly complexed environment. Managing increased customer expectations, intensified competition, maintaining governance and compliance, getting ahead of the technology game are essentials.

Whether you are a deskbound executive or mobile worker on the go or offsite worker in remote locations, you need seamless connection and communication capabilities to facilitate collaboration.


Customer Relationship Management

Companies have long emphasised customer touchpoint. Deploying a robust customer relationship management (CRM) and having a single view of customer enables you to foster closer and strong engagements with customers, enhance employee productivity and lead to business growth.

Our implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides many benefits to your business including:

  • Interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, Officer 365 and Skype for Business
  • Customisable workspaces and automations for all divisions within your business
  • Integration with Nexon Absolute that enables your business to experience the full potential of Microsoft Skype for Business solution


Enterprise Resource Management

Integrating internal and external information across the entire organisation, Microsoft Dynamics GP is capable of bringing all your back office functions, finance together onto one single system. This enables the flow of information between business areas based on a common approach.

We offer Microsoft-based solutions that:

  • Integrate all core business applications across your entire business regardless of location. Therefore, minimising information silos.
  • Bring a common approach to reporting or a single source of truth to facilitate better decision-making based on information from the entire business.
  • Allow you to access information regardless of your location, time of day, etc.
  • Simple and straight-forward design to encourage greater use by your organisations. Its modular design ensures that you only use and pay for what you need.

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