Managed Security Infrastructure and Cloud

Threats are inevitable, but the right security infrastructure will provide you with the resilience you need to remain in control.

End-to-end, proactive security prevention approach reduces the risk to an acceptable level

We embed the foundation for strong security defences within your business to keep you agile enough to respond to threats.

The risk is ever-evolving, so your response needs to take the same approach. Nexon’s managed solutions help you adapt to emerging risks and adopt new measures to remediate attacks.

We partner with you to protect your organisation and assets from threats — known or otherwise. Ongoing prevention is better than a cure.

Perimeter Security

Modern networks are a complex web of entry and exit points.For every way in and out of your network, there could be an imminent risk or threat. In order to manage those threats, Nexon is able to offer a number of options.

Our options include:

Next-generation firewall

Next-generation firewall and advanced threat protection

Web content URL filtering

Web content URL filtering, web portal management and reporting

Increase visibility

Increased visibility into applications, users and content

Secure remote access

Secure remote access to support the changing nature of flexible work

Partnering with Nexon means ensuring your endpoint security is consistently advanced, despite ongoing transitions within flexible workplaces.

Email Security

The main threat for business email has now evolved. Historically, attackers used to target your infrastructure. Now, they regularly target human weaknesses.

At Nexon, we work directly with your team to help you to protect your business-critical assets and data. Our solutions reduce the time and resources you need to update and monitor your email security levels.

Our options include:

Enhanced spam and phishing detection

Enhanced spam and phishing detection to protect against viruses, Denial of Service and zero-day attacks where hackers exploit a vulnerability before developers can find a fix

Ensure business continuity

Ensuring business continuity via a 24/7 standby emergency inbox for times when the normal mail environment is unavailable

Dynamically analyse URLs and attachments

Dynamically analysing URLs and attachments for known and zero-day threats

Instantly replaying sends

Instantly replaying sends (or resends) to your messaging server for 30 days

Social Media account protection

Providing social media account protection, email spooling and failover to catch and protect undeliverable emails

Archiving data

Archiving and managing your data while maintaining easy access for discovery purposes

Prevent data leakage

Preventing data leakage and loss through policy-enforced encryption

Stop more threats with email security and protection 24/7.

Endpoint Security

Modern, flexible working options means increased device mobility, which can potentially erode your security controls. By accessing our solutions, you can better defend the vulnerabilities created by multiple network access points and devices.

At Nexon, we deploy comprehensive, efficient security operations to help you stay ahead of the threats.

Our endpoint security solutions include:

Malware protection

Malware protection

Web filtering

Web filtering

Application blocking control

Application blocking control

USB device control

USB device control

Partnering with Nexon means ensuring your endpoint security is consistently advanced, despite ongoing transitions within flexible workplaces.

Device Security

In the age of “bring-your-own”devices, and increasing device mobility, device security is more important than ever before. Our service has been structured specifically to enable your business to extend the reach of your security infrastructure. This works to ensure your employees aren’t unknowingly carrying around a security breach, which could affect your broader business operations.

Our device security solutions include:

User authentication control

User authentication controls


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for encrypted network access

Patch iOS vulnerabilities

Patching iOS vulnerabilities

Secure web gateways

Secure web gateways and email connections

If you’re concerned about your device security, reaching out to a Nexon expert for advice couldn’t be easier. We have a dedicated team waiting to assist you.

Cloud Security

The cloud has absolutely changed the way businesses like yours can access and share information. Despite these advances, this also creates new vulnerabilities that need governance and control to mitigate. At Nexon, we block threats early in the process to protect your cloud systems and network from data breaches, malware and attacks.

Our cloud security solutions include:

Cloud encryption tools

Cloud encryption tools and management services

Holistic workload

Holistic workload and network protection

real time cloud monitoring

Real-time cloud monitoring

Identity and access management

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Worried about how the cloud could be exposing vulnerabilities in your system? Our dedicated team of experts are ready to help.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention should be an integral part of your security protocol. Don’t unnecessarily risk your IP, personal information and data. Instead, you can develop controls to keep your data safe within your network.

You could benefit from a number of data loss prevention solutions, including:

Prioritising and classifying data

Prioritising and classifying data

Securing data across your entire network

Securing data across your entire network

Network monitoring

Network monitoring

Data leak prevention

Data leak detection

Whether the data you want protected is in use, in motion or at rest; partnering with Nexon means preventing your data from ending up in the wrong hands.

Your Partner in Cyber Security

At Nexon, we partner with you so you can get on with business, while we secure your digital environment. We have been at the forefront of Cyber Security for more than 12 years. We have the experience, expertise, capabilities and certifications to build a comprehensive Cyber Security framework that keeps your business secure.

We also offer added peace of mind, by ensuring our testers are CREST and OCP certified so our testing complies with all major framework standards, including NIST.

Our engineers' certifications

Nexon is OSCP Offensive Security CertifiedCertified Information Systems AuditorNexon is a Crest Practitioner Security Analyst CPSANexon is a Certified Information Systems Security ProfessionalCrest - PEN TESTLicensed Penetration Tester
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Securing tomorrow’s workplace with an integrated security framework.

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Our Clients

Our clients include small businesses, local government and multi-billion dollar global organisations. This long-standing customer base and our customer service have earned us a reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted Cyber Security solution providers.

Timely, efficient and expert advice. Thank you for great work and helping us identify opportunies for improvement. The speed and quality of your delivery was excellent. Daniel and other Nexon team members are always prompt, meticulous and willing to asist. They are the right partners when criticality, confidentiality and promptness are key.Greg Curcio, Director, Customer and Technology
Goran Babusku, Smart City Delivery Lead
City of Stonnington - Nexon Cyber Security success story

Type of work done:

  • Network breach assessment
  • Recon work
  • Penetration test
  • Webapp assessment
  • Phising assessment
  • Password audit


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