Future-proof your technology with seamless IoT Integration

Nexon’s IoT expertise will help maximise existing systems, drive efficiencies and create business opportunities.

In today’s hyperconnected world, intuitive workflows, efficient operations, and strong data analytics are underpinned by the strength of our technology.

The modern business needs seamlessly connected IT systems. And by connecting your entire IT environment into one network, Nexon’s end-to-end IoT solutions deliver just that.

Through a consultative approach and the strategic integration of systems and infrastructures, our expert solutions will give your business the operational agility it needs to scale and grow over time.

Sophisticated process automation will improve workflow efficiency and control labour costs. Critically, access to improved data analytics across your organisation will facilitate exceptional customer service and informed decision making.

At Nexon, we know that the earlier an organisation adopts IoT, the longer it stands to benefit. When you ingrain practices of integration and connectivity into your working ethos, you will future proof your business against risk, and lay the foundations for success for years to come.

How Nexon can help


At Nexon, we are strategic systems integrators. Our approach is always to modernise and optimise existing infrastructures – minimising the need for costly and disruptive replacements of equipment which may have decades of service ahead by integrating existing controls into IoT.

Our philosophy is that IoT should talk to the systems an organisation already has in place.

We start by assessing current systems and infrastructures, and deeply understanding the mindset and workflow of your people. From here, we can design a holistic, end-to-end IT environment that is bespoke to your business.

Finally, we test the system in real time to illustrate how it will replace manual actions and improve workflow.


The key to success in the complex IoT domain is efficient and productive collaboration among an organisation’s different IT vendors, platforms, technologies, and protocols.

At Nexon, we excel at providing integration and connections between device suppliers, network service providers, business industry specific solutions and other IoT services and data storage, including Microsoft, AWS and Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT.

In addition to project managing the process, we design, develop, test and implement IoT solutions, and we provide the Systems Integration tools to facilitate collaboration, as well as all the additional components to meet solution requirements.


Nexon’s IoT solutions do not attempt to change your organisation. Instead, they mould an approach to fit its needs.

Agility is key; it enables each element of the IT network and systems to be seamlessly scaled, extended, or realigned over time, accommodating growth or change.

Our IoT approach is designed for a phased implementation with minimal disruption to operations.

Why Nexon?

IoT is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. Nexon remains an industry leader in Systems Integration, implementing intelligent and best practice solutions tailored to your business.

We work with IoT Alliance Australia, the peak industry body for IoT in Australia. Through regular engagement in IoT-AA workstreams, our teams are always abreast of the latest developments in IoT practices.

Our solutions are based on IoT-AA framework for IoT, and we closely follow their guidelines so that when you partner with Nexon, you can be confident the IoT solution will be both best-fit and industry-leading.

Beyond our credentials, our to the ease and seamlessness of the process. Typically, they are surprised at how much they have gained from adopting IoT.

And most importantly, they find themselves with the systems they need to achieve success in today’s complex and dynamic world.


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