Network and Security

Diverse your product portfolio with high-performance and fully integrated Network and Security solutions to drive digital transformation.

Nexon work alongside our channel community to deliver innovative network solutions complete with extensive protection against the latest cybersecurity threats, to help our partners guide their customers through their digital transformation journey.

Premium Support and Connectivity with Nexon Network and Security

Through a partnership with Nexon, you can help your customers attain a best-in-class standard technology environment that is optimised around the performance and protection of their business-critical applications and services.

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By combining our solution offerings, you can extend your customer’s connectivity with:


Optimised and prioritised connectivity to business-critical applications


A network scalable to demands and volume


Fully redundant infrastructure with 24/7 management and monitoring


Endpoint security to defend the modern workplace


Perimeter security to strengthen their network defence


Comprehensive email and cloud security

Partner with Nexon to diversify your Network AND Security portfolio, and open new revenue streams

Move connectivity to the Cloud and take your customer’s business to the next level — Secure Network

In today’s increasingly dispersed workforce, having the right connectivity will not only impact the performance of cloud-based applications but also customer experience. Through Nexon’s Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) services you can help your customers surpass the limitations of legacy infrastructure and provide a cloud-ready platform with multi-site bandwidth that is optimised for application performance.

Together we can help businesses streamline their technology lifecycle through end-to-end network solutions that enable virtual services in public, private or hybrid cloud environments, and empower your customers with increased levels of control, visibility, and agility. Nexon SD-WAN offers:

  • A connection to cloud and business applications to assure optimal business performance, even for demanding applications such as video and voice.

  • A unified world-class wide area network that offers the end-user improved performance and reliability over their entire network.

  • Software-designed control and automation allowing your customers to efficiently manage multiple types of connections from the cloud.

  • Reduced branch footprint with a single click or virtualised services offered on premise and in the cloud.

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Empower your customers to work anywhere, on any device, safely and securely.

With cyber security attacks on the rise, your customer’s need for protection and support has never been greater.

Through our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offering you can help your customers along their digital transformation journey with a solution that has evolved to meet the security and compliance demands placed on today’s businesses.

Through leveraging leading technology solutions and cloud-based architecture models, we provide our partners with a modernised network and security architecture in a single, safe cloud service. With SASE your customers can:

  • Achieve a durable connection and secure access for their workforce across all business sites, remote working locations, devices, and workloads.

  • Adoption of the Zero Trust Model to allow IT teams to easily connect and secure networks and users, all within an environment tailored around the simplified control and access management to critical resources and networks.

  • Achieve a greater degree of technological agility through leveraging the cloud to provide simpler and real-time global scalability, and a better end-user app experience.

  • Optimise business performance with a fast, reliable, and secure pathway for digital application operations.

  • Allow greater protection for employees using home internet connections and personal devices that are not fully updated with the necessary antivirus software and security protocols.

  • With zero-trust achieve network access through consistent user identity verification checks, 24/7 device health monitoring, and providing secure accessibility only to essential systems pertaining to individual job roles.

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Secure and protect your customer’s environment

As the modern-day workforce evolves business continue to provide flexible working to their employees. This means end-users are operating with increased device mobility, which can potentially erode their security controls.

Through a partnership with Nexon and accessing our solutions, you can better defend the vulnerabilities experienced by your customers, which are created by multiple network access points and devices. Together we can deploy comprehensive, efficient security operations to help you keep your customers ahead of the threats, and in full control of their business-critical assets and data:

  • Support your customers in deploying comprehensive defences to stay ahead of emerging threats.

  • Work closely with your customers to achieve more efficient security operations with a single view for visibility, investigation and ad action with precision and speed.

  • Help reduce unbudgeted costs and resources by implementing defences to quickly expose and remediate advanced threats.

  • Partnering with Nexon means ensuring your customer’s endpoint security is consistently advanced, despite ongoing transitions within flexible workplaces.

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World-class capabilities

Nexon provides a comprehensive suite of Network & Security solutions to our Partner Community. The world-class capabilities of Nexon applications enable our partners to guide their customers along a fully secure digital transformation journey towards and innovative and fully integrated network.

Grow your Network & Security product portfolio, and leverage Nexon’s leading skills and expertise to modernise your customers’ infrastructure, get in touch today to find out more.


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Channel insights

As the workforce has shifted to a more dispersed setup, workloads moved to the cloud, and remote work has shifted from the 9-5pm as we know it, organisations are facing a constant challenge: how to fast adapt and keep up with the changes whilst maintaining employees and market demands?

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