Optimise and Automate Business Process

Turn work into opportunities

Every Modern Workplace strategy is rooted in increasing employee morale and customer satisfaction through productivity gains, making more timely informed decisions and providing a better user experience.

A key part of the Modern Workplace as a result is to improve business processes through automation and reap the benefits of operational efficiencies.

Process automation offers numerous benefits, including improved service quality and more efficient service delivery at a lower cost.

The Modern Workplace enhances the quality of the working experience and effectiveness of employees.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Nexon is committed to helping you achieve more through digital transformation. We use the power of intelligent technology to improve your current operations and streamline processes.

With the power of automation, you can eliminate friction from your processes, reduce human error, and free your staff from mundane tasks. Not only will this improve outcomes and lower expenses, it will also increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction and boost morale across your organisation.

Optimise operations with:

Electronic Forms

Increase agility by rapidly building forms and low-code apps. Custom electronic forms and other apps are a great way to streamline repeated operations, modernise important processes, and solve tough challenges.

Business Process Automation

Workplace productivity demands the efficient use of technology, resources, and people. While business process automation is critical for all organisations, it's especially important for the remote workforce. By streamlining operations and improving the way you work you can optimise business outcomes and eliminate the need for physical or human intervention.

Integration Services

Orchestrate actions and share data between services to streamline repetitive tasks, enforce data and process integrity and provide a unified platform.

Key benefits of Process Automation


Greater Productivity

Powerful automation tools help modern businesses to become more productive and efficient.


Improved Engagement

Automation leads to increased engagement, improved performance, and better outcomes for employees with process intensive workloads who can focus on higher level tasks.


Maximum Operational Efficiency

Process automation helps to optimise operations to ensure maximum return on investment.

Realising your modern workplace vision: The Nexon Advantage

Modern Workplace solutions with the Nexon advantage deliver a secure, cost effective technology offering for innovation and growth that meets the needs of any business wanting to reduce overall costs and increase team collaboration, satisfaction, productivity and simplify support.

As a true end-to-end service and value provider with coverage across Australia, we remove the administrative overhead and expenses you face when dealing with multiple vendors. Nexon spends the time to understand your business, assess your environment and plan out your modern workplace journey. Nexon provides continuing assurance and optimisation opportunities with its ongoing management and support services post-project delivery, assisting with continuous improvement, user enablement and knowledge sharing.

Why Nexon?


Nexon is a highly experienced and certified Microsoft Partner with a proven track record in delivering modern workplace solutions that simplify and secure access to applications and data.


We operate across Australia delivering outcome driven solutions for your organisation, while supporting all key areas of IT.


We’ll partner with you for the long-term to realise your business objectives and modern workplace vision. 


With expertise in a range of technology specialties – from network and telephony through to business applications and devices - we create powerful business solutions that are intuitive and simple to use.


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