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Driving business growth requires a concerted effort on multiple fronts from communication and collaboration tools to process automation and device integration.

Business intelligence has a huge role to play in this environment, with the considered use of analytics, machine learning, and automation enabling an agile and creative workforce.

Intelligence drives business growth

Modern businesses face a number of challenges, including increased competition, more complex working environments, and decentralised operational structures. With the increased uptake of cloud services and mobile workplace solutions, many businesses are seeking expert assistance to access the business intelligence they need to drive business growth.

Maintaining control over people, technology, and data can be a huge challenge. In order to transition effectively, it's important to leverage skills and support structures without compromising on security. Regardless of your size or sector, Nexon provides solutions that foster connected, collaborative, and productive workplace experiences.

In a world defined by unlimited choices, business intelligence is the key to survival.

Better utilisation of existing tools to transform business into innovation engines

Nexon is committed to helping our customers achieve more through the considered and integrated use of technology. We help to transform your current processes, and services into more intelligent and responsive offerings. We can connect you with creative new solutions to leverage the tools already at your disposal.

We can turn complexity into clarity with:

Intelligence and Analytics

Access to reliable data provides key insights and real business value. Nexon connects you with leading intelligence and analytical tools such as Power BI so you can make better decisions. Access to smart analytics helps to reduce costs, avoid complexity, and minimise security risks. When reliable data is combined with creative visualisation, anything is possible.

Machine Learning and AI

With access to enterprise-grade machine learning, you can accelerate development times and empower decision-making across your organisation. Nexon uses the power of Microsoft Azure to empower developers and data scientists with a range of productive experiences. Accelerate time-to-market with industry-leading machine learning and AI software solutions.

Automation and Bots

Automating business processes is the key to workplace efficiency and long-term survival. Conversational bots can improve customer service and remove mundane tasks. Nexon uses the Azure Bot Service to enrich the customer experience while maintaining control over your data.

Key benefits of Business Intelligence

From analysing data and automating key processes to developing improved solutions, we utilise business intelligence to support and foster growth.


Greater productivity through analysis and automation. Unlock the ability to enhance your productivity with smart analysis and automation tools.


Improved engagement and insight. Intelligent business services lead to data insights, improved performance, and better outcomes.


Maximum operational efficiency. Business intelligence helps to optimise operations to ensure maximum return on investment.

Realising your Modern Workplace vision:
The Nexon Advantage

Modern Workplace solutions with the Nexon advantage deliver a secure, cost effective technology offering for innovation and growth. It will reduce your overall costs and increase team collaboration, satisfaction, productivity and simplify support.

As a true end-to-end service and value provider with coverage across Australia, we remove the administrative overhead and expenses of dealing with multiple vendors. Nexon spends the time to understand your business, assess your environment and plan out your modern workplace journey. Post-project delivery Nexon provides continuing assurance and optimisation opportunities with its ongoing management and support services, assisting with continuous improvement, user enablement and knowledge sharing.

Why Nexon?


Nexon is a highly experienced and certified Microsoft Partner with a proven track record in delivering modern workplace solutions that simplify and secure access to applications and data.


We operate across Australia delivering outcome driven solutions for your organisation, while supporting all key areas of IT.


We’ll partner with you for the long-term to realise your business objectives and modern workplace vision. 


With expertise in a range of technology specialties – from network and telephony through to business applications and devices - we create powerful business solutions that are intuitive and simple to use.


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