Healthcare technology solutions

Improving patient outcomes through integrated technology solutions.

Healthcare, as we know today, has evolved, becoming much more complex than before with a greater demand on budget and risk management, patient care, managing patient visits and general communication efficiencies. Inefficient systems cost money, time and endanger patients.

Healthcare providers need to deliver exceptional care outcomes every time, with no room for error. Lives are constantly on the line and healthcare workers require real-time data to make the right decisions, at the right time. Intuitive systems, processes and communication channels within healthcare networks are essential for improved patient outcomes.

With the clutter of multiple devices, systems and personnel to contend with, inefficient technology can provide barriers for healthcare providers who need to quickly escalate medical emergencies or rapidly access a patient’s complete medical history.

Enter Nexon, supporting your facility with secure and interconnected technology solutions that ensure the delivery of effective healthcare outcomes. Our expertise and technology solutions provide you with an enhanced patient experience, giving richer system insights and assisting with day-to-day management, so you can focus on what you do best, providing essential and critical healthcare.

We support a multitude of healthcare service providers, including:

Nexon Connected Health


Nexon Connected Health

Aged Care Facilities

Nexon Connected Health

Emergency Care

Nexon Connected Health

Health Departments

Nexon Connected Health

Mental Health Facilities

Integrated Solutions

Providing integrated healthcare through our digital technology solutions will:

Healthcare integrated solutions –

Improve patient and service providers safety

Healthcare integrated solutions –

Increase operational efficiency

Healthcare integrated solutions –

Improve the patient care and service providers experience

Healthcare integrated solutions –

Provide planning tools, reporting and audit information simply, anytime

Healthcare integrated solutions –

Reduce operational maintenance tasks, time, and costs

Healthcare integrated solutions –

Deliver more collaborative, personalised, and accessible integrated healthcare


Technical expertise. Meaningful healthcare solutions.

We understand healthcare isn’t like other sectors. Whether it’s emergency care, health departments, hospitals or aged care, the importance of what you are doing, and the flexibility, security and connectivity required to maintain operations remains crucial. You need intuitive solutions that fit with your processes and systems, not the other way around.

We have a deep understanding and expertise of the healthcare sector, with our extensive experience working alongside some of the biggest healthcare facilities in Australia.

Leveraging digital technologies doesn’t have to be complicated. Let our in-house experts unlock the true potential of your facility. We have the unique ability to bring together a wide range of managed services to deliver purpose-built solutions that ensure the systems and processes in place are efficient and intuitive. We provide:

Healthcare solutions - Consulting - end to end managed services

End to end managed services

Healthcare solutions - Consulting - end to end managed services

Tailored solutions based on more than three decades of experience

Healthcare solutions - Consulting - end to end managed services

Trusted partner

Healthcare solutions - Consulting - end to end managed services

Australian based 24/7 support

Experts in Healthcare Technology Solutions

Nexon provides technology solutions with security, flexibility and connectivity for healthcare workers.

Experts in Healthcare Technology Solutions -


With data breaches on the rise, healthcare providers are looking at strengthening their cyber security and managing patients’ data and information safely.

Nexon Cyber security
Experts in Healthcare Technology Solutions -

Cloud Services

Improve operational effectiveness and ability to manage data from any location.

Nexon Cloud Services
Experts in Healthcare Technology Solutions -

Business Solutions

Build a sustainable healthcare practice that focuses on patients and their care outcomes by delivering a superior patient experience.

Nexon Business Solutions
Experts in Healthcare Technology Solutions -

Secure Network

By optimising resource utility and providing better visibility across network infrastructure, Nexon overcomes operational challenges of costs, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Nexon Secure Networks
Experts in Healthcare Technology Solutions -

Unified Communications

The ability to provide emergency communication anytime anywhere is vital to providing patients with the best care.

Nexon Unified Comms
Experts in Healthcare Technology Solutions -

Nexon Coris

Integrate legacy and new systems into a single platform, allowing ease of communications across all devices and staff to make critical decisions under pressure with confidence.

Nexon Coris

The power of IoT in Healthcare

Technology in the healthcare sector has come a long way and with it, new possibilities, whether they be patient monitoring, bed tracking, ease of access to a patient’s medical history or enhanced communication systems.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is where we can connect multiple devices without any human interaction. We see this in everything we do, ensuring complete connectivity, cost savings and innovation. We can help you leverage technology to improve efficiencies, enhance patient outcomes and access real-time data to enable better healthcare outcomes.

Learn more about IoT and how we improve healthcare outcomes leveraging smart technology.

Download the Queensland Public Hospital Case Study - Nexon was engaged by one of Australia’s largest teaching and research hospitals to create a completely adaptable, flexible and reliable solution for its busy switchboard.

Case Study

Queensland Public Hospital

Nexon was engaged by one of Australia’s largest teaching and research hospitals to create a completely adaptable, flexible and reliable solution for its busy switchboard.

Why Nexon?

Your Healthcare technology partners

With a strong track record in the healthcare sector, we engage as an integral partner in your digital transformation journey, which doesn’t need to be travelled alone.

We are your support network, clearing the path for you and providing the best technologies aligned with your business strategy to deliver end-to-end solutions that streamline operations and improve communications.

About Nexon

Customised Solutions

As your trusted partner, Nexon commences the engagement by learning about your operations, goals and challenges. Our team becomes embedded within your organisation to deeply understand your specific healthcare requirements.

We work with your team to identify critical procedures, audit existing alert notification hardware and software, map the historical response profiles of workflows and design an end-to-end solution. Our team of experts and engineers collaborate with your care staff to develop the solution best suited to the specific care outcomes required.

Contact us to discuss how we might help you achieve your operational needs.

Take the Next Step

Contact us for an obligation-free discussion to understand your healthcare organisation’s technology needs. To get started, please provide some initial information about your facility.


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