Helping Financial Services Organisations achieve a secure and compliant workplace with Next Generation Technology Solutions

Elevate your customer experience with integrated, end to end technology solutions built for your sector

Accelerate digital transformation and bridge the gap between staying ahead of the competition and meeting customer expectations. Digital innovation is key to having secure platforms to scale, respond with agility, and integrate operations to meet customer outcomes.

We help you to leverage client data in meaningful ways, deliver highly personalised customer experiences and operational efficiencies fuelled by endless digital innovation and support.

Optimise operations

Increased compliance demands, dynamic markets conditions, everchanging customer demands and the existential threat of cyber-crime are just a few challenges financial service organisations face.

The technology available to the financial sector is advancing as fast as the industry changes. As a result, financial services organisations find themselves needing an experienced, end-to-end solution provider that can help integrate technology solutions, transition core services to the cloud and take a proactive approach to cybersecurity while remaining compliant with industry regulations.

 accelerate outcomes

Embrace digital and integrated platforms to transform your customer experience, improve visibility of data and better collaboration across your organisation.

Overcome traditional challenges
with the right technology partner


Organisations need to be able to prevent or quickly respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats, which – if not managed effectively – can cause financial and reputational harm.

Nexon Cyber Security solutions

Adoption of Cloud infrastructure

Unleash the power of Cloud services fueling endless innovation possibility. Remove the friction experienced within your business when developing new products and services. Simply place new ideas or projects in front of your customers significantly faster, enabling greater outcomes with modernized and secure cloud solutions.

Nexon Cloud Solutions

Trying to keep up to date with new technologies

Customer behaviour and demands are shifting, driven by the advancements and disruptions that digital, mobile and social media bring about requiring a more integrated and intuitive platform across your organisation.

Building integrated solutions for an evolving market

We invest in delivering integrated, end-to-end solutions to help financial service providers across Australia achieve and maintain compliance, improve experiences and fuel innovation.

Our comprehensive security services, and PRA compliance expertise accelerates your transition of core services to the Cloud to free resources, harnessing growth opportunities and delivering immediate value.

Our unique customer engagement model and award-winning local team combined with our full suite of technology solutions, provides you with the peace of mind you need to innovate and digitally transform your business.

We support financial service providers streamline daily operations, reinforce data security, enable new business models to exploit new opportunities, and strengthen customer loyalty.

How we help


Create and automate audit and compliance process, while maintaining APRA compliance


Deliver more personalised service and improve client relationships


Keep confidential data secure from the persistent threat of ever more complex cyber-threats


Single point of contact - Access to service desk support for end to end technology solutions


Improve forecasting, budgeting, situational planning and reporting


Transition your business to a modern workplace with improved collaboration and communication platforms


Migrate services to cloud-based platforms


Improve cash flow, save time by speeding up processing, and reduce administration costs


Nexon secures multi-million dollar IT services agreement with Ord Minnett

Nexon has secured a multi-million dollar multi-year agreement with Ord Minnett to transition the company’s existing IT services to a completely new technology stack without downtime.

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