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In an era where the healthcare sector faces unprecedented challenges, our mission is to help providers navigate this complex landscape and influence a better continuum of care.

Nexon and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise have partnered to help healthcare providers transform their operations. We understand the immense pressure placed on healthcare professionals to deliver timely and efficient services while ensuring the highest quality of patient care. The key to that is optimised clinical workflow.

When was the last time you reviewed your organisation’s clinical workflows? Conducting a pulse check is the best way to assess and navigate the future of your clinical care, ensuring that your workforce is empowered to deliver high-quality care and leverage innovations for better patient outcomes.

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Free clinical workflow pulse check for Victorian healthcare providers

As part of our commitment to supporting the Victorian healthcare sector, Nexon with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise are currently offering free Clinical Workflow Pulse Checks.** The Pulse Check will help you identify critical areas across your organisation’s workflows, processes, systems, and solutions that need improvement. It will also provide your organisation with personalised recommendations on how the right technology can help streamline operations, improve communications, and deliver better care outcomes for your patients.

The Pulse Check is perfect for every healthcare provider in Victoria interested in:

For eligible organisations, the Pulse Check may be accompanied by a live demo session of notification service, messaging by location, and all-in-one device usage and clinical workflow.

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Driving better outcomes for Victorian healthcare providers

The 5 Key drivers for improved healthcare

Reviewing your clinical solutions can help drive efficiencies, increase productivity, and allow you to fill resource gaps quicker to ensure continuity of service and care outcomes – whether it’s addressing prevention, management, or remote access.

Consolidating independent platforms & systems

Having multiple communications platforms can lead to confusion, inefficiencies, and potential miscommunication, both internal and external. We will assess your communication tools and provide recommendations on how you can streamline and consolidate them for better coordination, collaboration, and workflow.

Modernising your clinical care solutions to enable your hybrid work arrangements

We will help you leverage your existing investments, automation, and data to deliver a more personalised patient care outcome. This will also enable a better employee-centric experience by supporting and delivering tools they can use to secure and deliver more efficient communication channels.

Ensuring staff and patient safety

The Pulse Check will help to identify if and how your existing workflows can be improved to minimise potential risks further and create a safer environment for everyone involved. You will discover how you can integrate your communication channels to ensure that relevant staff members are at the right place and time and can confidently make critical decisions under pressure.

Improving nurse productivity and reducing burnout risk

By assessing the effectiveness of your workflow optimisation, we will help you identify areas where nurses might still face challenges and are in need of additional support. This will create a foundation for implementing targeted messaging or interventions to enhance productivity and reduce burnout.

Accelerating response times and helping drive better patient outcomes

We will identify any bottlenecks and inefficiencies that might be currently impacting response times and provide recommendations for adjusting your workflows and harmonising your critical response communications, alerts, and paging systems.

Book a free Pulse Check to find out if your clinical workflows are optimised.

Why choose Nexon to transform and improve your clinical care outcomes?

Nexon supports the Australian healthcare sector by delivering customised solutions designed to meet your organisation’s unique needs, no matter what services you are providing. We help you to deliver better patient and staff outcomes by harmonising your critical response communication.

Our consultants have proven experience and expertise in delivering integrated solutions that significantly improve patient and care outcomes. We have a broad portfolio of solutions that service clients requiring end-to-end capabilities and a high level of expertise in security, cloud, unified communication, networks, and digital solutions. As a certified and accredited local and state government provider, CREST- and ISO-certified, Nexon partners with world-class technology vendors like Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to deliver innovative solutions that suit any business and its unique needs.

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**Clinical workflow pulse check terms and conditions

Nexon/Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Engagement Process

  • One Free Clinical Pulse Check is offered per organisation.
  • The Free Clinical Pulse Check is designed to assist Victorian healthcare providers who are looking to implement improvements to their clinical workflow solutions within the next 12 months.
  • What is included in the Clinical Check?
    • The Clinical Health Check will consist of up to 3 consultative meetings with your nominated management and clinical representatives:
      • The purpose of these is to identify the current workflows, technologies, integrations, and operational challenges.
      • These will be presented back to you for group assessments and future discussion (including a demo for a use case).
      • If you choose to proceed to implement recommendations, a formal proposal will be supplied outlining the associated costs.
  • By agreeing to use the Clinical Check Service with Nexon, you are agreeing to the Nexon Terms of Service.
  • This offer concludes as of 30 November 2023.