The catalogue of useless things!

The catalogue of useless things!

Nexon are proud to offer you a Useless (but fun) Thing to put on your desk and replace that clunky old PBX phone.

Sure, you’re interested in giving your team the flexibility to take literally any call – even from your fixed landline numbers – from any location with internet coverage. And you probably wouldn’t mind seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 applications.

Plus, the idea of ditching your current landline contract for a ‘Pay as you go, and as you grow’ arrangement, with a per user per month model, probably has some appeal.

But let’s face it, you’re here because you found something in our Catalogue of Useless Things that you’d much rather have on your desk. And we don’t blame you!

Choose the Useless Thing you’d most like and we’ll check our warehouse straight away.

Due to high demand, we can’t guarantee everything in our Catalogue of Useless Things is still available, but we’ll absolutely try. And if we don’t have exactly what you’re after, we’ll arrange a few alternative choices. So go ahead, confirm your preference, fill out your details and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Choose one:

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Before you get rid of those big ol’ desk phones, we suggest you read the small print:

Oh, wow, you really are reading the small print. Ok, here we go:

The Useless Things depicted in the Catalogue of Useless Things are for illustrative purposes only. Actual products may vary but they’ll be, like, pretty similar. And almost certainly useless.

The Useless Things depicted in the Catalogue of Useless Things are for illustrative purposes only. Actual products may vary but they’ll be, like, pretty similar. And almost certainly useless.

We keep saying that they are free but we also need your permission to give you a follow-up call to talk about Nexon Absolute.

Nexon is quite prepared to give these Useless Things away (really, we want to), but Nexon also reserves the right to decide exactly who qualifies for a ‘free’ Useless Thing.

Spoiler alert: we may give you one, even if you’re interested in Nexon products other than Nexon Absolute, but we can only offer one per company and only for the person who agrees to be contacted.

You’re still reading this? Ok, good.

When we say we’ll send you a Useless Thing, you may have to be a little flexible here, timing-wise. It could take us a little while to get you the Useless Thing that you want. But we’ll definitely get it to you. And it will definitely be useless. But in a fun way.

We might pop it in a post bag, or use a courier, or get a friend to drop it off on their way to Friday night social Salsa classes, seeing as they’ll be in the area anyway.

Or we might even give you a call, book in a time and hand deliver it ourselves. Don’t be surprised if we pull up a chair and have a talk to you about Nexon Absolute, mid-delivery. Because that’s actually the point of this whole exercise.

If you’d like to talk to us about how Nexon Absolute can improve collaboration, flexibility and productivity while retaining your existing landline numbers, but you don’t actually want a Useless Thing, well that’s ok too. I guess.

If you really do want a Useless Thing for your desk, we suggest you get your rollerblades on: we can only make this offer until midnight, 15th December 2023.


This promotion is valid until 12.00am, 15th December 2023. The products in this catalogue are free only to respondents who agree to a call or in-person meeting with a Nexon representative to discuss their Nexon Absolute product suite or other relevant Nexon products, is limited to one catalogue product per company, and only to the respondent who has agreed to be contacted by Nexon. As such this promotion does not qualify as a game of chance or skill. Delivery times for catalogue products are subject to supplier shipping timings and product availability. The catalogue products shown are illustrative only and final products may differ in colour, size and weight. No delivery or shipping fees will be charged to respondents who qualify for a free catalogue product.