Understanding the workplace and the need for a modern workspace


Karina Aguilera /
Cloud, Digital Transformation, Digital Workspace, Technology

Today’s modern workplace has changed – from meetings held in traditional rooms, from manual paperwork to technology powered meetups, and sophisticated applications and systems. The influx of massive technological advancements over the last decade or so has dramatically reshaped the …

Organisational salvation and the rise of the machines


Nexon /

It’s a bold attempt to help us to be more productive at work (and at play). It’s on a unified platform of applications. It’s cloud based. It’s neatly wrapped up with a monthly price tag, and an a la carte menu of options. But just reeling off the obvious benefits to Office 365 doesn’t do justice to Microsoft’s fastest ever growing product or give any insight into the deeper undercurrents in the tech sector that are leading to our organisational, and productive, Salvation.