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Make better, faster business decisions.

The majority of businesses (79%) recognise that it is important to respond quickly or in real-time to changes, but nearly half (48%) think the amount of time it takes them to make key decisions has increased over the past five years*. With the growth of mobile devices, more ways of collecting data and ever cheaper memory, companies are increasingly becoming swamped with information or big data as its being themed in the IT press.

The real question is what is relevant to you rather than just information for the sake of it and then how do you turn that information into something you can use to your competitive advantage! Our BI team wonder if this strikes a chord with you?

The good news is that Business Intelligence (BI) tools are becoming easier to use, more affordable via subscription pricing, more mobile (web) and better at integrating with multiple data sources. 

The outcome of this is a BI solution that can be:

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*according to a survey published in the Rust Report in September 2011.