business risk
with simplified IT

Reducing business risk with simplified IT.

Nexon DynamicPOD is an on premise IT infrastructure integrated with cloud disaster recovery, covered by Nexon managed services and maintenance under a single service level agreement.

This scalable Nexon managed infrastructure, combines industry-leading technology from NetApp and Cisco into an application delivery platform that allows your business to: 

Simplify your IT infrastructure

Provisioning applications faster to meet growing business demands.

Enabling your staff to focus on your core business applications rather than keeping the lights on.

Reduce business risk

  • Delivering business continuity with a highly available architecture and disaster recovery solution.
  • Reducing exposure by leveraging Nexon’s experience, maintenance, support and SLAs.

Nexon DynamicPOD

Nexon also offers you the option of deploying DynamicPOD in your location of choice, and combine with our cloud disaster recovery solution. In turn, delivering your business a tailored, yet flexible Hybrid Cloud platform.

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