3 key ways technology can help small businesses to unlock business growth

Today’s competitive landscape is more challenging than ever. Every day new competitors spring up across industries, challenging business models and disrupting markets. No industry is immune to change, no business immune to the challenges that come with it.

Nexon "Just get it", John Carruthers, Uniting Resources





When Uniting Resources were deciding to replace their internal infrastructure they were looking for a provider who understands their business requirements and challenges around outsourcing, Nexon "just get it". Find out how we supported Uniting Resources with their network infrastructure.

Mobile is also disrupting security. Top tips to take control

Mobile disrupting security_Garth.jpg

Mobile technology has transformed business, leading to whole new levels of efficiency and productivity. But what about the increased security risk posed by mobile and BYOD technology? Learn more in this article...

Meet George Lymbers, the Aged Care Industry Advisor on the Nexon Team

The Aged Care industry is facing unprecedented change. We know this as consumers – Aged Care touches most of our families at some point – and we know this from our customers who are navigating these challenges. Nexon – and our applications division Praxa - has been working in partnership with our Aged Care customers to help support this change while retaining their quality of care.

The often forgotten ingredient of successful IT projects

IT teams are under pressure to deliver technology solutions that seamlessly support the business in achieving its goals. Technology implementation projects are assessed on their ability to drive business value, deliver a return on investment and ensure end-user engagement, technology uptake and – ultimately – their satisfaction. Discover the 4 key ways successful IT project teams build a personal connection...


Leverage the cloud to thrive in Turnbull’s new agile economy


Businesses who leverage cloud infrastructure can jump on new ideas quicker, test new markets and business models, remain flexible in the way they service and communicate with their existing customers, and focus more on what matters most. We review four examples...

10 TIPS on the best way to adopt omni-channel


This paper takes a look at the ten things you should do to ensure you approach and implement omni-channel the right way…   

Realising the Potential of Unified Communications: You'll Never Get There Without Integration

Realising the Potential of Unified Communications: You'll Never Get There Without Integration

According to Gartner, Unified Communications (UC) products including equipment, software and services are “those that facilitate the interactive use of multiple enterprise communications methods. This can include control, management and integration of these methods. UC products integrate communications channels (media), networks and systems, as well as IT business applications and, in some cases, consumer applications and devices.”

Mobile Evolution: Millennials vs Generation X Infographic

Mobile Evolution: Millennials vs Generation X Infographic

IDG Global Solutions (IGS) recently released the 5th annual Global Mobile Survey, the biggest ever study of consumer and business use of mobile devices showing that mobiles continue to grow and replace both traditional media and personal computers.