Aged Care Solution

Supporting aged care providers
in the provision of services
through the continuum of care.


Meeting the demands of today and tomorrow

The aged care landscape has shifted and it seems that change is here to stay. Government reforms and new service models are challenging the status quo, while the new wave of aged care recipients and clients, as well as the introduction of competition into aged care mean that client expectations are greater than ever.

Clients are now empowered to retain control over choices about their care and receive the services they want. In understanding how the triple play from management, financial and technology, as well as the impacts it has in promoting sustainable practices in aged care, service providers are looking at:

Improving its responsiveness, flexibility and capacity to meet clients’ needs now and into the future.

Driving efficiency as well as service innovation so as to deliver higher quality care and services.

Building financial sustainability and resilience through optimising capital.

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How it works

Conversations around technology in aged care has evolved towards leveraging trends like Internet of Things, cloud and digitalisation. Backed with a business strategy, aged care technologies and solutions have great potential to improve the quality of services across the full continuum of care, while reducing cost for aged care providers as aged care demands continue to grow.

Business Applications
  • CRM
  • BI
  • Reporting
  • MS Office 365
Cloud Infrastructure
  • Network as a Service
  • Business Continuity
Unified Communications
  • Telephony
  • Cloud PBX
  • Telehealth
  • Video Conferencing
  • Skype for Business
Mobility Solutions
  • Workstation as a Service
  • Mobile service + data
  • Messaging
  • Internet-connected devices


Why Nexon?

At Nexon, we are about deeply connecting people who are in the centre of all we do.

We plan, design and deliver best-of-breed business technology solutions and applications that support aged care providers to deliver high quality care to meet clients’ expectations, remain flexible and accessible and to make smart business and financial decisions.

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Our aged care solutions

Business Applications

Customer-centricity is important in any industry. Recognising the transformative role of business applications such as relationship management system and business intelligence to enable data-driven decision-making is essential.

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Cloud Infrastructure

To remain competitive, finding ways to improve efficiencies and innovate while minimising risk becomes paramount. Moving backend infrastructure and workloads onto the cloud allow providers the flexibility and capability to meet increasing care demands.

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Unified Communications and Mobility

Mobility is an essential part of connecting and communicating with anyone anywhere anytime. Whether it is for your support staff or clients, unified communications solution helps manage and streamline communications.

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Managed Services

As you look to address the demands of a dynamic market, it is important to have a trusted technology partner whom you can outsource non-core IT services to reduce your investment and financial risks whilst delivering IT services more efficiently, cost effectively to the required standards.

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Where is your data?

Remain in control of your data. Manage your data across different applications, cloud environments and platforms.

The modern business has many digital touch-points or sources of information. You may gather client information, market and competitor intelligence and supplier related data, among others.

How are you managing this information? How are you using it to improve your offer? To build a clearer picture of your customers? To make business decisions? To innovate? The issue is bigger than just storage.

Find out how a data management strategy is essential for your organisation.

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To find out how Nexon can help your organisation become a dynamic business, contact us today.

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Managed Services