Marketing Business Administrator, Sydney Australia

JOB TYPE: Full time, permanent

We are seeking a Marketing Business Systems Administrator to work with us in moving the needle towards a data-driven marketing operations approach in order to improve business outcomes.

The role will work on customisation, data quality and training projects for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM refresh project and implementation of marketing automation system to support the organisation’s key business units. Along with system administration, configuration, data quality and reporting, this role will also be responsible for supporting the daily requirements of different business units, and helping the organisation to implement new business practices using Dynamics CRM and accompanying marketing automation system. Additional duties will include, not limited to:

  • Manage security profiles and access rights for users. Adds, deletes and modifies users as employees are hired, transferred, or leave the organisation.
  • Learn and maintain Nexon’s business model hierarchy within marketing business systems through administration of Roles & Profiles.
  • Configures and builds custom reports and dashboards.
  • Creates, edits or deletes custom fields and customer objects.
  • Creates workflow rules to improve business processes.
  • Creates and updates custom page layouts and record types.
  • Delivers training and communications to user groups across the organisation.
  • Participates in the integration process of the CRM system with other enterprise systems where required.
  • Participates in customisation projects and enhancements. Executes projects to enhance and rollout new functionality.
  • Audits, uncovers and resolves data integrity issues.
  • Assists with bulk imports and ownership of data such as leads, contacts, account and opportunities.
  • Maintains, adds or deletes auto-sharing rules. Resetting user profile details such as passwords.
  • Other duties as assigned.

The role

As a high-energy, proactive person with a results driven and “can do” attitude, you will have outstanding business systems administration experience, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and at least 1 to 2 year(s) of experience as a marketing business system administrator, ideally within in an IT company.

You work very well on your own, and are self-motivated enough to know what you need to do, however, you enjoy being part of a wider marketing team, you value input from people you work with, and believe that by working collaboratively, you can be instrumental in a well-oiled machine.

You will have an in-depth understanding of the marketing business system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Click Dimensions, but also of sales, marketing, business processes, and how they relate to the marketing business systems. Much of your job will involve verifying and reconciling data and are entered into the system and educating users on how to correctly enter the data and use the information.

You will be required to provide training and education for new users, and for existing users as the systems evolves and grows. You will have to configure & customise the CRM systems as needs change, and how to troubleshoot the system when problems arise. As the business grows, so will the demands on this role.

Some of the job will include dealing with things like password changes, adding custom fields, creating email templates, managing staff training and inquiries, system integration, managing security concerns, handling in individual and group policies and permissions, developing marketing automation templates and creating custom applications.


Desired skills and experience

The ideal candidate will have the following skills and experiences:

  • 1-2 year(s) of experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and/or CRM platforms with experience in configuration, customisation and reporting as well as ClickDimension and/or other marketing automation system.
  • Understanding of accounts, leads, opportunities, contacts and campaigns.
  • Competent in building reports and dashboards.
  • Excellent business process, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of data management. Experience with Data Loader and other data scrubbing and reporting tools is a major plus.
  • Understanding of how a CRM or marketing automation system can be used to improve business processes and results.
  • Ability to effectively prioritise multiple projects and tasks for different user groups.
  • Used to working closely with different functional teams to drive better outcomes.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be independent, self-motivated and success-driven, yet a team player.
  • Ideally, 1-2 years of experience in the IT industry.

Only those with relevant visas to work in Australia will be considered.

To apply, fill in the form below or send your resume and cover letter to